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IVI International Optometry Conference
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About The Conference

The 4th International Optometry Conference - Eye Health in a Changing World, hosted by India Vision Institute will be held at the IIT Madras Research Park in Chennai, from September 24th to 26th, 2023.


It is a 3-day event, bringing together leading experts, researchers, eye care professionals, and educators from around the world.


The conference offers a comprehensive program designed to provide attendees with a diverse range of activities. The conference features keynote lectures, invited talks, panel discussions, paper and poster presentations, and an engaging trade fair.

The first day of the conference will feature 6 workshops comprising 2 sets of 3 parallel workshops, each for one and a half hours. The conference will revolve around keynote lectures on important themes, including

1) Multidimensional nature of Myopia
2) Embracing Technology and Innovation in Optometry
3) Eye health and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
4) Uniform delivery of Optometry education
5) Partnership building
6) Scaling up efforts to address uncorrected refractive error


Furthermore, the conference will also include paper and poster presentations on a range of topics.

Message from Conference Chair

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Dear Friends,


I welcome you all to the 4th IVI International Optometry Conference, 'Eye Health in a Changing World', 24-26  September 2023.

The conference will feature speakers, decision-makers, eye care professionals, educators, and students from around the world as well as industries and institutions with a global presence.

Through keynote talks, parallel sessions, demonstrations, and presentations, the conference aims to present participants with a unique perspective of the latest developments in this changing world.

The conference will offer the opportunity to share one’s thoughts and exchange ideas. I am sure the range of subjects and issues covered in the sessions will be both exciting and beneficial to you.

Thank you for your contributions and for enriching the activities of the conference with your presence. We hope that this conference is as beneficial and fun to you as our last 3 conferences.

I look forward to meeting you at the conference.


Best regards,

Vinod Daniel

CEO, India Vision Institute

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What do people say about the IVI Conference? 

Samuel Livingston, Lecturer, Sri Ramachandra Institute of
Higher Education and Research

Thank you, team IVI, for a wonderful 'Eye Health in a Changing World' conference.
It gave an opportunity for many aspiring optometrists to be proud of their
research work. It was a good platform for our students from 'SRIHER' who won
three best poster presentation awards in each category. I congratulate all other
winners and wish Optometry takes them to greater heights (from the 3rd IVI Eye Health Conference)
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