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1) Total of 3 participants per team.
2) In the case of student registrations,  2 teams can register per college
3) The event will feature questions relating to the field of optometry and eye health care.
4) The preliminary round will take place on the 25th of September, 2023 (ie) Day 2 of the conference and the second, final rounds on the 26th of September,  (ie) Day 3 of the conference.
5) Participants can either attend the event online or in person.
6)  Participants are to submit their entries by emailing using the subject Registration for Quiz| 4th IVI International Optometry Conference. Details to be shared: your name, organisation, email address and contact number.
7) Participants are to register for the event on or before 17 September, 2023
8) The Quiz master’s decision will be final.
9) Any malpractices from the participant’s side will lead to disqualification.

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